Power Rankings: Hamilton the best, Verstappen shared second with Perez

02-12-2020 14:40
by GPblog.com
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Power Rankings: Hamilton the best, Verstappen shared second with Perez

According to the five-strong jury of the Power Rankings, Lewis Hamilton was once again the best at last weekend's Grand Prix in Bahrain. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez also did well, sharing second place.

Winner Hamilton was chosen by the jury of the Power Rankings as the best driver of the weekend. The explanation: "Hamilton led the whole weekend except for one session and drove another sublime qualifying session before taking his fifth win in a row. And he did everything for fun, as he had already secured his world title in Turkey". The final mark for Hamilton is a 9.4.

Shared second place

Secondly, there is not one but two drivers. The jury was equally impressed by both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. "After the race, as always, the question is: what else could Max Verstappen have done?" Verstappen was the only other driver who was the fastest in a session.

For Perez it looked like he was going to take his second podium in a row for a long time, but an exploded engine threw a spanner in the works for the Mexican. "Throughout the race he kept Alexander Albon's Red Bull at bay. But in the end an engine problem robbed him of his podium," saw the jury. Verstappen and Perez both got a 9.2.

Albon 'only' a 7.4

Despite his podium, Alexander Albon received 'only' a 7.4 from the jury. "On paper, the GP of Bahrain was exactly what Albon needed. But his crash in VT2 took some glasn away from his performance. Still, there were definitely positive points for him".

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