Criticism of Ricciardo is not understood: 'You get a mega salary for that'

02-12-2020 06:50
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Criticism of Ricciardo is not understood: 'You get a mega salary for that'

After the Bahrain Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo was not happy with all the images that were shown of the crash of Romain Grosjean. This all went a bit too far for the Australian, but Christijan Albers does not agree.

It took a while before we got images, but as soon as it became clear that Grosjean could walk and got out of his car safely, we still got images. In the long break that would follow, Formula 1 still often showed images of the crash from different angles. This to the dissatisfaction of a number of drivers.

Albers does not understand Ricciardo

''That's all nonsense. The FOM (Formula One Management) is never going to show those images if something bad has happened and you saw that. We didn't get images until you saw that he could walk. The family also wants to see someone get out, they also want certainty. So you have to show something,'' Albers says in the podcast of De Telegraaf.

''It's nonsense what Ricciardo said, because here you get a mega salary for what the risk is. If they were to show images of someone who has died, that would be going too far, but the FOM really knows when they can show something. We didn't see anything during the first few minutes'', concludes the former F1 driver.

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