When will Verstappen be tested after Hamilton's positive test?

01-12-2020 12:03 | Updated: 01-12-2020 14:32
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When will Verstappen be tested after Hamilton's positive test?

After the news came out this morning that Lewis Hamilton had tested positive for the coronavirus, of course all the alarm bells were ringing at the FIA

After the race on Sunday, Verstappen was on the podium together with the infected world champion, where his teammate Alexander Albon also took part. After that, the three of them also sat together in the press conference. The three did stand on the podium and in the hall with face masks on and they kept a proper distance, but what kind of effects this had is not yet known.

Strict protocols

When the drivers have parked their cars after the race, they first have to walk to a table with a fask covering that they have to put on immediately. It is in line with the very strict protocol of the FIA to limit contact with others as much as possible.

Verstappen was last tested for the coronavirus last Friday. He will be tested again next Wednesday, reports De Telegraaf. It will then become clear whether he and Hamilton have kept enough distance between them. Even in the case of a negative test, it cannot be ruled out that he does not carry the virus with him, because it took Hamilton a few days to get a positive test back.

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