Lammers: "I think it's a bit inconsistent with Ricciardo"

30-11-2020 17:11 | Updated: 30-11-2020 20:55
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Lammers: I think it's a bit inconsistent with Ricciardo

After the Bahrain Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo expressed his disapproval of the way in which Romain Grosjean's crash was repeated over and over again. Jan Lammers and IndyCar driver Rinus van Kalmthout commented on this in the NOS Formula 1 podcast.

Driving cautiously is dangerous

Van Kalmthout offers a view on the situation as a driver. "It is of course very strange to race after something like this has happened. But the race doesn't change much: Especially if everyone starts to drive in a cautious manner, it becomes dangerous. But I think one replay would have been enough, everyone wants to know what happened."

Lammers added: "I think it's a bit inconsistent with Ricciardo because he makes his money from a certain amount of viewers, likes, shares and so on. Sport is entertainment. You step into the ring yourself, you put on the gloves and start the fight. That's entertainment and that's sold, that's what pays your salary."

"Yes, they show everything. And if it's spectacular: Of course, show it. But they also show that Grosjean sees safely in the Safety Car. If I were his family, I'd go crazy if I didn't see what was happening. It's painful to see what's happening, but even more painful not to see what's happening," said Lammers.

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