Doornbos thinks that Verstappen has a say in the future of Albon

29-11-2020 22:20
Doornbos thinks that Verstappen has a say in the future of Albon

Robert Doornbos thinks that Alexander Albon's forty-second delay on Max Verstappen is too much. The former Formula 1 driver did see Albon take his second podium in his career, but the contrast with his Dutch team mate is painful.

"A forty-second delay on your teammate is not to be justified", says Doornbos in the afterthought of Ziggo Sport. In the Bahrain Grand Prix, however, Albon managed to take his second podium of the year. It could help the British Thai enormously on his way to securing his 2021 seat next to Max Verstappen. "With podiums he could save that seat just like that.

Albon has two more weeks

Albon has two more weekends to convince Helmut Marko that he is the most suitable candidate for next season. "Marko has also said many times that he hopes so, but Albon has to earn it for him", says the Dutch analyst.

The competition is fierce. Sergio Perez has been driving very well in recent weeks and Hulkenberg also made an excellent impression this season, but it is not yet clear that Albon will be replaced. "Max doesn't decide in the end either, although he certainly has a vote on that seat. Behind the scenes, however, there is much more to it."

Perez and his sponsors

By this, Doornbos refers to the fact that Perez is very much dependent on his sponsors, led by Carlos Slim. The businessman has his finger on the pulse and will undoubtedly make some demands, but: "That car is really not going to be filled with Mexican stickers", Doornbos assures us.

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