Masi confirms full investigation into Grosjean's accident

29-11-2020 19:05
Masi confirms full investigation into Grosjean's accident

Michael Masi responds to Romain Grosjean's terrible crash. The race director says that the FIA will start a full investigation into both the car and the safety around the track.

Doctors are the heroes

“Credit where credit is due to Ian Roberts and Alan van der Merwe. The processes we have with the medical car chasing the field, that's a big part of their role. Their intervention, the marshalls who were there and the speed with which everything was done. A huge credit to Alan and Ian," said Masi in a conversation with Sky Sports F1.

“The amount of energy that goes into it. As the FIA, we will look at it all and undertake a full investigation of the whole incident and of what we can learn be it car safety, driver equipment and circuit safety. The survival cell did what it was supposed to do and kept the driver safe. The halo also did its job," the race director said.

Fast repair

Within a short period of about an hour, the guardrail where Grosjean crashed was removed and replaced with a concrete wall. Masi says that he is very satisfied with the repair work and that it was the best possible thing to do.

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