Ricciardo is disgusted by Formula 1: "They play with our emotions"

29-11-2020 18:52
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Ricciardo is disgusted by Formula 1: They play with our emotions

Daniel Ricciardo drove a strong race, although he had some minor problems along the way. Afterwards, however, he doesn't want to talk about that in front of the Ziggo Sport camera. Something is bothering him...

"I don't really want to talk too much about the race. I want to emphasize my disgust and disappointment with Formula 1. The way the Grosjean incident was broadcast. Again and again that repetition, again and again. It was completely disrespectful and thoughtless. Not just for his family watching, but for ours as well."

Ricciardo expects support from colleagues

"We're going to race again in an hour and every time we watch TV, you'll see a fireball and his car split in two. We can see that tomorrow, it doesn't have to be today. It was seen as entertainment and they play with all our emotions and I find it pretty disgusting. Hopefully other drivers will say the same, but I would be surprised if we don't all feel that way," said the emotional Australian.

This article was written and originally published on the Dutch edition of GPblog.com.

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