Verstappen: "You can turn the car upside down, but you won't be any faster"

29-11-2020 08:56 | Updated: 29-11-2020 10:13
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Verstappen: You can turn the car upside down, but you won't be any faster

There has been a lot to do all weekend about the new tyres that were tested by the drivers last Friday. Now Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon are responding to Pirelli's defence to the criticism it is receiving.

Indeed, the Italian tyre supplier says that the cars were not at all well adjusted to the new tyres tested during the second free practice session. Many drivers felt that this was not the right way forward, including Lewis Hamilton and Alexander Albon.

On it's head

Max Verstappen also has his doubts about the new rubber, he says to RaceFans. "Of course the cars are not well adjusted to it, but the differences we had during the practice sessions can't be dedicated to the setup. You can adjust things, but if the tyre isn't spinning, it just won't work. You can turn the car upside down, but then you don't reach the same speed. I hope we won't use them, but we'll see.

"There was just no grip, there was no problem with the balance," says Verstappenen's teammate Albon when asked what he thinks of the new tyres. "Each time they have given us handles for what we have to aim for, and each time they are quite close, but with the old tyres underneath you are just much faster," concludes the Thai.

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