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Albon: 'There's no point in continuing to think about that mistake'

28-11-2020 21:19 | Updated: 28-11-2020 21:27
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Albon: 'There's no point in continuing to think about that mistake'

During the second free practice on Friday, Alexander Albon drove his RB16 into the wall in Bahrain. A day later, the driver however managed to match his best qualifying so far with a handsome P4.

Albon's crash will have caused some headaches for the Red Bull Racing team during yesterday's second free practice. Albon hit the wall at high speed on exit of the final corner. The severe crash forced the mechanics to work hard to get the car back on track the next day.

According to Albon, he has nothing to complain about. "Basically at a team like Red Bull the quality [of the rebuild] is really high and you're not going to get big differences. At least on my side it's more just set up and feeling, on top of that confidence. You want to get on it quickly. Truthfully in terms of confidence I was quite happy. In FP2 it was silly mistake," the British Thai said at a press event organised by Red Bull Racing.

Recognising a mistake and moving on

"After a mistake you've got to own up to it. You've got to put it behind you. Obviously you apologise but at the same time you've got to focus on the next day. You're not really thinking about the car. It's more about how the car was feeling before then, and what areas we need to work on so we can hit FP3 running. That's the mindset, there's no point dwelling on it," Albon continues.

That's what the British Thai did well. In qualifying he was able to set a strong time that is good enough for fourth place on the grid. He will start the race right behind team mate Max Verstappen, providing good support in the fight against Mercedes.

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