Wolff doesn't see anything in proposal Horner: 'I really can't understand it!'

28-11-2020 19:17 | Updated: 28-11-2020 21:00
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Wolff doesn't see anything in proposal Horner: 'I really can't understand it!'

Red Bull Racing is working hard to convince all teams of a freeze on the engines in Formula 1 so that the team can take over the project from Honda. Toto Wolff is now speaking out against one of the components of the plan.

By freezing the development of engines from 2022 onwards, it could be possible for Red Bull Racing to take over Honda's F1 project. With this, the team wouldn't have to crawl back to Renault. As a team with the strongest engine, it is not surprising that Toto Wolff is a great supporter of the plan.

Mattia Binotto and Christian Horner are now also advocating a plan to bring the engines 'together', to prevent one team from being left in a position of force majeure. "I don't see any difference from previous plans to balance engines and that would be the beginning of the end for Formula 1," says Toto Wolff to Motorsport.com.

"The power source can be measured not only in terms of maximum power, but also how much it can be controlled, the weight, what it takes to cool it. Introducing a simple formula that takes all those elements into account is impossible. It's not something that Mercedes would support," the Austrian continues.

An insult to Wolff

Another suggestion would be a token system, which was previously used in Formula 1, but the team boss is not in favour of that either. "We had such a system in the past when the new regulations came out and then some of our colleagues wanted to get rid of it so they could get closer to us. Then we agreed to remove them. Now some of my colleagues want to reintroduce that system so they can close the gap. To be honest, that is an insult."

"Ferrari clearly had the fastest engine in 2018 and 2019 and we did everything we could to put something on the track in 2020 that could close the gap. That's why I can't understand why a confident manufacturer would want to have a mechanism to balance everything. I don't think anyone would accept such humiliation in public," concludes Wolff.

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