Verstappen: "Don't dwell on it, it's part of the job"

27-11-2020 20:44 | Updated: 27-11-2020 23:16
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Verstappen: Don't dwell on it, it's part of the job

Alexander Albon had quite the bump during the second free practice in Bahrain. In the last corner he lost grip at the back and ended up in the tyre stack. Albon himself fortunately remained unharmed.

He himself remained quite level-headed. He indicated that he is used to it because it has happened before. He did see where it went wrong: He was surprised by the lack of grip and didn't lift off the gas enough.

Verstappen level-headed 

In the interview that Olav Mol conducts with Max Verstappen every Friday after the practice sessions, the Dutchman briefly discussed the crash of his team mate. Asked about his reaction to the crash, he replied: "Don't dwell on it. It's part of the job, isn't it?

A more elaborate reaction will be shown in the full interview during Formula 1 Café, at 22:30 on Dutch television channel Ziggo Sport.

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