Poll: Should Formula 1 get rid of Pirelli?

27-11-2020 20:17 | Updated: 27-11-2020 20:26
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Poll: Should Formula 1 get rid of Pirelli?

Today Pirelli 's new tires were tested by the drivers. The test came somewhat unexpected, because initially it was intended that the current compounds would not be modified.

For 2021, there are even new rules on planning for downforce, because Pirelli's tyres cannot handle the high downforce. However, after the major problems that everyone at Silverstone had, Pirelli saw the need to design a new tyre.

Pirelli tire test for 2021

These new compounds have already been tested in Portugal by the drivers in a 'blind test', where they didn't know what type of tyre was being driven. After this, Pirelli chose the best compounds, which were tested again during the second free practice.

However, the Mercedes drivers in particular were not happy with the new compounds. Red Bull Racing, however, felt very different, as the tyres seem to fit them better than Mercedes, despite the fact that they also had difficulty finding grip.

Pirelli have been supplying the tires to Formula 1 since 2011 but has been struggling with high wear and tear and a lack of grip in recent years. At Silverstone, they had a low point, with multiple blowouts and others who had to drastically reduce their lap times to avoid this.

Now the question is: Should Formula 1 continue like this? Should the cars be adapted to the tyre supplier, or is it time to look for another supplier?

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