Sainz acknowledges the progress Ferrari have made this season

27-11-2020 06:47 | Updated: 27-11-2020 09:54
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Sainz acknowledges the progress Ferrari have made this season

Carlos Sainz is leaving McLaren for Ferrari at the end of 2020. Despite a tough season Ferrari have gradually improved something that Sainz has acknowledged.

Even before the 2020 Formula 1 season started, it became clear that Sainz would replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. However, it turned out that the Italian team had taken a big step backwards, which even put McLaren in front of them in the standings. In the meantime, progress has been steady but visible at Ferrari and that offers hope to the Spaniard.

Sainz can breathe a sigh of relief

''They are good months for them and I think they have shown that they have found some problems that they were struggling with at the beginning of the year. It is good to see that they have taken this step. They have shown character by being able to turn around such a bad season," said Sainz according to

Sainz will have to prepare for the changeover to Ferrari after this season, but he's well aware he doesn't have much time for that. ''I can tell you now that a day and a half is not enough to prepare for a Formula 1 season. Certainly not with the complex days we have these days. However, we will have to adapt quickly and make sure we have prepared as well as possible," Sainz concluded.

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