Summary Thursday in Bahrain: Albon has a plan B

26-11-2020 21:46
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Summary Thursday in Bahrain: Albon has a plan B

As usual on the Thursday before a race weekend, several teams and drivers look ahead in press conferences, as they did today. The main points of this, as well as other interesting announcements made today are listed here in a summary.

Positive corona test in top Red Bull

Red Bull Racing has announced today it will have to manage without sports director Jonathan Wheatley this weekend, since he has tested positive for the coronavirus. Due to the fact that Wheatley now has to spend ten days in quarantine, he won't be able to assist his team during the race weekend in Bahrain. 

Possible replacements for Vietnam mentioned

The necessary household announcements were also made today. For example, it is becoming more and more clear which circuit will be allowed to be on the spot of the Vietnam GP next season. Turkey, Imola and Portugal are mentioned as the main candidates, partly because exciting races have been hosted there this season. 

Albon to stay with Red Bull?

An announcement from Red Bull has also caused a stir today. The team announced that they have appointed driver Alex Albon as ambassador for Wings for Life, a charity with which the team is closely associated. There was immediate speculation as to whether this means Albon will be able to extend his stint at Red Bull into the next season. 

In addition, Albon was asked in a press conference what his plan is for the remaining three races. The Thai driver indicates that his top priority at Red Bull is to preserve his seat, but that he now has a Plan B, should reality not turn in his favor.

The Bahrain GP officially starts Friday with the first free practice session at 12:00 noon.

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