This driver will probably be gone next season.

26-11-2020 21:18
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This driver will probably be gone next season.

Amidst all the rumors about the filling of the coveted seats on the Formula 1 grid, one conclusion can now be made with relative certainty: Daniil Kvyat will in all likelihood no longer be riding for AlphaTauri next season. 

The driver who has been driving for Red Bull's sister program AlphaTauri since 2018 has told in a press conference that his future with the team is not bright, due to the predicted arrival of junior driver Yuki Tsunoda at AlphaTauri.  “I said already, many times, the chances of me being here next year are very slim. It will depend on a very particular scenario”, the Russian explains.

Kvyat also says he doesn't want to worry about the future at the moment, but about the remaining races of the season, probably hoping to prove himself to the team. “I’m kind of already with my mind just focusing on these three races here and not really thinking too much about the future. I’m just going to give my best to this team these next few races, and then we will see", Kvyat said. “They deserve me, you know, thinking about these three races and staying focused here, because in the end this year, there was a lot of ups and downs, but lately it’s been going better and better.”

No regrets

Nevertheless, Kvyat is asked how he would look back on his career after an exit from the king's class, and he says: “If it has to happen that it’s my last season in F1, then you look on it from a bright side. You know, that it’s been – what is it, 110 or something races, a few podiums and other strong races – of course, it’s not bad.” 

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