Partnership between Hamilton and Ferrari: "It just wasn't meant to be”

26-11-2020 19:08 | Updated: 26-11-2020 20:09
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Partnership between Hamilton and Ferrari: It just wasn't meant to be”

Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari have been linked in the past. Although Hamilton has indicated on several occasions that he has been in talks with Ferrari, they have never been able to establish a partnership.

Transfer to Ferrari

At the end of last year, the rumours of a changeover culminated when it emerged that Hamilton had had talks with John Elkann, the boss of Ferrari. However, the British driver never seriously considered going to Ferrari. "I was never close at all to ever leaving my team," quotes.

For Hamilton, the main purpose of the talks was to see what the options were. "I think it's only right that as drivers and as people when you're looking at your next phases and committing to periods of time in your life, you have to analyse what your options are.

"It just wasn't meant to be, but I'm not bothered by it. I'm so proud and grateful for the journey that I have with Mercedes."

Loyalty to Mercedes

One of the main reasons for not switching to Ferrari is his loyalty to Mercedes. Indeed, throughout his Formula 1 career, the British driver drove a Mercedes. First at McLaren and since 2013 at the factory team. "I think this is the only team in the history of the sport where you're long-life family member.”

That loyalty from Hamilton to Mercedes is completely mutual. "You're part of the road of evolution and they include you in the family forever. So that's something, that's loyalty, which I have tattooed, which is a huge part and such an important value to myself."

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