New parts for Verstappen: "I look forward to using them here"

26-11-2020 17:49 | Updated: 26-11-2020 20:13
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New parts for Verstappen: I look forward to using them here

Max Verstappen has little to look back on after the Turkish Grand Prix. A race to quickly forget. Yet the weekend also had a bright spot. New parts were tested and it seems Red Bull like them.

Glad it was over

During the various press moments, the Dutchman still has to believe it a few times; looking back at the race in Istanbul Park. It all went wrong with his spider behind Sergio Perez. "On a normal track you can pass and come back to the front, but it wasn't meant to be," he says on

And then things went wrong with his front wing that was misaligned. "The conditions were just very difficult. At one point I was happy that the race was over."

New parts

However, what was positive about the weekend in Turkey was that Verstappen tested some new parts on his Red Bull Racing and they liked it. "Yes, of course that is always difficult to say in circumstances like those in Turkey, but I did test some new parts and that certainly felt positive," quotes

The new parts are on the car this weekend. "I am certainly looking forward to using those parts here in Bahrain. Also because we have a little more information about the car and about this circuit based on the past few years. So I would like to see how things are going here with those new parts, but I am confident that it is good."

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