Is Magnussen going to IMSA? "I haven't signed anything yet"

26-11-2020 13:44 | Updated: 26-11-2020 15:09
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Is Magnussen going to IMSA? I haven't signed anything yet

After this season the adventure of Kevin Magnussen is over with Haas as the team drops both current drivers and goes for a new line-up. One of the new drivers is most likely Mick Schumacher, but the announcement is yet to come. Magnussen no longer has a future in Formula 1 and has therefore started to look at other options. The latest rumours point to a switch to IMSA.

Not IndyCar

During today's press conference prior to the Grand Prix this weekend, Magnussen was asked about his plans for the future. Of course the rumour about the IMSA came up, but the Dane did not want to give a definite answer.

"I haven't signed anything yet and I can't confirm anything. Hopefully, I can announce something soon," quotes

Another class Magnussen has been associated with is the IndyCar, but the chance of that has now diminished as he himself does not consider it likely. Or with his words: "The IndyCar is certainly a nice competition, but it is not likely that I will drive in that competition next year."

So that brings us back to the IMSA, because the Dane has neither denied nor confirmed that. As he indicated in his reply that he hopes to make something known soon, it is quite likely that he will indeed switch to that class.

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