"I'm a little worried about the alternative layout"

23-11-2020 20:29 | Updated: 23-11-2020 20:56
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I'm a little worried about the alternative layout

This week Formula 1 will start the final triple header of the season: There will be two races in Bahrain, followed by the closing race in Abu Dhabi. All three races will be held in the evening.

The Bahrain circuit has two different layouts. The usual layout will be raced this weekend, while next weekend the alternative layout will be used. It looks a bit like the oval circuits, with long straights and few corners.

Different layouts Bahrain

Robert Doornbos is enthusiastic about the classic layout. "We saw some nice battles there, for example between Rosberg and Hamilton in 2014. It's in the middle of the desert, and they've even sprayed the sand around the track because the track is only used once a year, so there's very little grip. Then you certainly don't want grains of sand on the track," he says in Peptalk on Ziggo Sport.

"Hermann Tilke, the famous architect, designed the track. There are height differences and less corners. But the other one, that's what worries me a little," says Doornbos.

"It's actually three long straights, so it's a party for Mercedes. You have to hope that you can keep up, but for Max with the Honda that will be difficult".

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