Possibly longer Safety Car periods after incident with marshalls in Imola

23-11-2020 18:53 | Updated: 23-11-2020 20:46
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Possibly longer Safety Car periods after incident with marshalls in Imola

Formula 1 are re-examining their Safety Car procedures. In this way, it is possible that it will stay on track longer in the future to avoid a repeat of dangeorus situations that have cropped up over reason weeks. 

Talking to RafeFans.net, race director Michael Masi states that new procedures will come into effect, which will apply when the Safety Car is on the track. This given "what happened in Imola".

What happened in Imola

"We have already changed the process of the un-lapping procedure. We have discussed this with the teams and drivers. But I have said that this could mean that the Safety Car will drive one or two extra laps in this case," Masi said.

"That's something everyone agrees with. We had good conversations with team managers and drivers during the Grand Prix weekend in Turkey".

In Turkey, the race management came under fire again when marshalls and a crane were still on the track at the start of Q2. Masi said earlier that he was convinced the crane would be moved, but now admits that the situation was not ideal.

"I would be lying if I said it was an ideal situation. But you need to deal with it in the best way in the circumstances when it arises," Masi said.

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