Ricciardo: "Not every driver can continue to believe that he's the best"

22-11-2020 13:25 | Updated: 22-11-2020 14:48
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Ricciardo: Not every driver can continue to believe that he's the best

Daniel Ricciardo has achieved successes in the last few Grands Prix with Renault, including two podium finishes. However, he will move to McLaren next year.

In his first year with Renault the results were disappointing. But this year the team has made a lot of progress, especially in the course of this season. However, the success came too late, as Ricciardo signed for McLaren before the start of the season.

McLaren's potential

However, the McLaren team has also made big leaps forward, which is also the main reason for Ricciardo to make the switch. "I made the decision before the start of the season, and was looking forward to last year. So it's largely thanks to the form McLaren showed last year," Ricciardo said talking to Channel 4.

"Of all the teams, they have taken the biggest step forward, with two relatively young drivers. Lando Norris was in his debut season and Carlos Sainz had been there for a while, but again it didn't feel like a veteran was working there."

He continues: "It felt like everything was going in the right direction, and I saw huge potential. I think there's a lot more to it, so it's a promising and exciting project."

In addition, Ricciardo hasn't given up on his desire to become world champion yet. "You have to keep believing in it. Everyone thinks he is the best, but if you look in the mirror a little longer I don't think every driver can keep that belief. But I still believe in it," said the 31-year-old Australian.

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