Vettel has a hard time at Ferrari: "I notice that I have more doubts about myself"

22-11-2020 11:01 | Updated: 22-11-2020 11:19
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Vettel has a hard time at Ferrari: I notice that I have more doubts about myself

Sebastian Vettel is probably already counting down the days at Ferrari. The German has had many successes with the Italian team, but over the last two years things have gone downhill between the two parties. Next year, Vettel will drive for Racing Point, which will continue under the name Aston Martin from 2021. 

"It's just very difficult this year. I also notice that I have more doubts about myself because things are just not going well at the moment," explains Vettel in conversation with Die Zeit. The German himself recognises that the relationship with Ferrari is finished. "Relations between me and the team are extremely difficult. It is no longer a real love affair."

A few more years in F1

Vettel explains that his involvement in the team will be a lot less in 2020, because even before the season started in Austria, Ferrari announced that they will be putting Carlos Sainz alongside Charles Leclerc next year. "Since then, I have not been as involved as I used to be."

So Vettel will be driving for Aston Martin next year, but is already seeing the end of his F1 career approaching. "I am now 33 and I will certainly be on the grid for a number of years to come. I really don't intend to race when I'm 40. So if you're going to count on that and make an estimate like that, I'll be driving in Formula 1 for another three to seven years," said Vettel.

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