Ferrari develop innovative engine for 2021 called 'Superfast'

20-11-2020 21:12 | Updated: 20-11-2020 23:11
Ferrari develop innovative engine for 2021 called 'Superfast'

Last season Ferrari changed within six months from the team with the strongest engine to the team with the slowest engine. The reason for this has never been officially revealed, but it is assumed that the Ferrari engine was illegal in 2019. In Maranello, of course, they are working hard to make up for this loss. have reported that Ferrari want to improve the performance of the MGU-H thanks to a slightly smaller turbocharger and an innovative intercooler. However, the biggest change takes place with the V6 combustion engine.

Ferrari in 2021 with 'Superfast' engine

Ferrari would have developed an internal combustion engine with a very fast ignition. Internally, therefore, the engine is already referred to as 'Superfast'. Because of this technique, it comes close to the ignition speed of Diesel engines. In this way, fuel enters the engine faster and more efficiently, which results in more power.

In order for this system to work optimally, the inlets and outlets of the engine are also adjusted, whereby the air can be pumped through the system faster. Thanks to new materials, this should not be at the expense of reliability.

Ferrari do not yet think it will be able to exceed the level of Mercedes, but it is a step in the right direction to close the gap in 2021.

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