Massa: "I think that Sebastian's moment is over"

20-11-2020 19:58 | Updated: 20-11-2020 20:36
Massa: I think that Sebastian's moment is over

Sebastian Vettel was the Ferrari team's absolute number one until 2018, but had to watch as Charles Leclerc established himself at the Scuderia. Vettel was told his contract would not be renewed, prior to the start of the season, a decision Felipe Massa feels was the right one

Felipe Massa, who in the years following his accident had to act as the second driver at Ferrari as a championship candidate himself, thinks that the best thing has been done for Vettel. The team's decision to inform him before the start of this season that his contract would not be renewed was, in his view, the right one.

Ferrari had to change something

"The car is the most important thing, without a competitive car you cannot win, and that is independent of the drivers," said Massa to the Spanish newspaper AS when asked why the German has so few points. "On the other hand, I think that Sebastian's moment is over because he is not achieving the performance expected of a four-time world champion and I think that the team needs to change something."

"It is simply not the best period for Sebastian. He thinks he is not being treated well and for the team it is not good to have a driver in such a situation where he cannot compete. I think his departure was the best solution for both of them."

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