Buxton believes Perez deserves a top seat more than ever

20-11-2020 17:10 | Updated: 20-11-2020 19:11
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Buxton believes Perez deserves a top seat more than ever

Sergio Perez is fourth in the F1 Championship but as it stands will not have a seat in next year's F1. For F1 journalist and reporter Will Buxton this is incomprehensible.

Perez on top 

Perez is in great form and scored another podium for Racing Point in Turkey, holding off Sebastian Vettel on the line. Buxton revealed that the Mexican's spell with McLaren has frustrated him. "He's still angry with himself because of the year at McLaren. The other day he said he would now be better prepared for an opportunity on a top team,"  Buxton said in his column on F1.com. 

F1 2021 without Perez is incomprehensible

The story of Perez is starting to resemble the story of former teammate Nico Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg also had to leave F1 in 2020 at the expense of less talented drivers. The same situation is now emerging for Perez.

Buxton continued: "He has never driven so well before, he has never been better prepared. Never before did he deserve a chance for a top spot more than he does now." 

Buxton concluded: "It is unfathomable that the fourth in the championship is unlikely to have a seat. But it looks like it. And we will all be the poorer for it."

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