Italy wants to organise two races in 2021 and looks at Vietnam's place

20-11-2020 08:55
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Italy wants to organise two races in 2021 and looks at Vietnam's place

There is still one spot left on the 2021 Formula 1 calendar and it could well be that a second Grand Prix will be held in Italy. Imola wants to stay on the calendar.

In 2020, the F1 calendar was turned upside down by the coronavirus. Many races were cancelled and the royal class of motorsport had to go to other locations. Imola was one of them, so besides Mugello and Monza there were no less than three Italian Grands Prix on the calendar. Max Verstappen will not be very happy with this, but the Italian motorsport federation wants to continue this trend.

Imola wants to be back on the Formula 1 calendar

''We would like to organise two Formula 1 races in Italy in 2021. In addition to the Grand Prix on the Monza circuit, which has already been confirmed, we are also trying to get Imola on the calendar. We hope this will succeed, although it is a very difficult task'', says Angelo Sticchi Damiani according to The President of the Automobile Club of Italy is aiming for April.

There is still a gap in the calendar presented for 2021. Formula 1 has 23 races scheduled, but for round four there is still TBC. The Vietnam Grand Prix was on this spot, but due to internal problems it could not go ahead. Imola hopes to fill this spot, but there will be more hijackers on the coast.

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