Second seat Aston Martin? "I'd go for Perez."

19-11-2020 16:45 | Updated: 19-11-2020 17:31
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Second seat Aston Martin? I'd go for Perez.

The places on the brand new Aston Martin team have already been filled for 2021. Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel will race for the rebranded Racing Point team. Peter Windsor, however, questions Vettel's seat: "I would go for Sergio Perez."

Vettel the wrong choice for Aston Martin?

Sergio Perez has to make room for Sebastian Vettel. It seems that there is no place in F1 in 2021 for the Mexican who is currently at the top of his game. Looking back at the race in Turkey, where Perez claimed second place, Windsor questions Aston Martin's seating arrangements.

In a video on YouTube, the acclaimed F1 journalist says: "If it were still Sergio Perez and Vettel for that second seat, I would probably choose Perez.

Windsor chooses Perez over Vettel

Windsor continues: "He [Perez] has a lot to prove, he is hungry and he is getting better. For example, I've never seen him drive so well in wet conditions. That says a lot about his growth and development in his current environment".

Vettel can count on some criticism from the Brit: "At the same time, Vettel will start again with a clean slate; a new car, a new team, new everything... The same as at Ferrari. But what he didn't change back then was how he is as a driver and how he races the car".

If Vettel has to work even a little bit for it, it will be difficult for him to get good results. For example, if the car has an unstable rear axle, Vettel may have a hard time: "Sergio would be more than just a challenger".

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