Wolff points to the Mercedes led by Brawn: "They took my advice and took a risk"

19-11-2020 07:47 | Updated: 19-11-2020 12:58
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Wolff points to the Mercedes led by Brawn: They took my advice and took a risk

Toto Wolff has made history with Mercedes by winning a seventh world title in a row with his team. Much is often pointed to the foundations laid by Ross Brawn, but Wolff points to a clear pain point that was under his leadership.

Wolff does research

In 2009 Mercedes bought Brawn's team at the end of the season, who secured the world title with a car powered by Honda. Mercedes expected to become world champion but didn't manage it under Brawn's leadership. Yet many people point to that period when we now talk about the current series of successes.

''Success never comes from one person, certainly not in Formula 1. I found foundations, Ross had done a good job finding important staff, but there was no good communication between England and Germany. I don't think Stuttgart was ever aware that there was a lack of finance and you noticed that poor communication throughout the organisation,'' Wolff said in his interview with Formula 1.

Gambling works out well

Wolff was employed by Williams as team boss but was asked to do further research for Mercedes. ''I asked what the objective was and they gave the world title. They had bought it in 2009 and under the condition that they could become world champion. I indicated that I had the same budget at Williams, but with the target to be fifth or sixth. So one of them is wrong''.

''I then spoke to Dieter Zetsche and some other leaders. They took it on and asked what they should do? They took my advice and took a risk. My background is finance, so when I did that research I also saw other holes and they let me go. They could also have decided to stop (nothing) or you give everything and become world champion (all). There was no guarantee to become world champion, but here we are seven world titles later and I still can't believe it'', concludes the Austrian.

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