Rosberg: 'To beat him, you have to get everything 100 percent perfect'

17-11-2020 19:53
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Rosberg: 'To beat him, you have to get everything 100 percent perfect'

By winning the seventh world title, Lewis Hamilton is now on an equal footing with Michael Schumacher. As the Brit is expected to continue next year, there is a good chance that he will even set a new record. An unprecedented achievement that Nico Rosberg briefly spoke about earlier via social media. At Sky Sports F1 he will go into it in more detail.

Seven-time champion

"No one would have ever thought that Michael Schumacher's titles would be equalled or broken, and yet now he's there," says Rosberg. "I think it's not only one of the best and successful Formula 1 achievements but it's one of the greatest achievements in sporting history as a whole."

But does that make Hamilton the best driver ever? Rosberg doesn't want to risk that. "I'm not going to say here and now one is better than the other, I think they're there or thereabouts. You'd mention Schumacher, you'd mention Senna, you'd mention Fangio. I would probably filter out those four - Lewis, Senna, Fangio and Schumacher. Who's the best? It's just impossible to say but equally in their own way they've all been just unbelievable."

100 percent

Hamilton, of course, enjoys an all-powerful car, which makes things a little easier for him. Also because Valtteri Bottas cannot operate on the same level as the Brit. In order to beat him, therefore, someone really has to come from a good home, and Rosberg has experience with that, of course.

"To beat him you need to get everything 100 per cent perfect otherwise you have no chance," said the 2016 Formula 1 champion who really beat Hamilton as the only rival at Mercedes.

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