Classic Formula 1 circuit designer is appointed to design Saudi Arabia track

13-11-2020 14:05
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Classic Formula 1 circuit designer is appointed to design Saudi Arabia track

Formula 1 announced last week that the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix will make its debut in 2021. That race will be held on a street circuit in the city of Jeddah. That circuit will once again be a job for top designer Hermann Tilke.

It hasn't been long since Tilke last worked on a new F1 circuit. His latest creation to be used for the highest class in motorsport is the Hanoi Street Circuit. However, the Vietnam Grand Prix is ​​in jeopardy due to a corruption scandal and will not feature in 2021. 

Street circuit with overtaking possibilities

However, Saudi Arabia now offers Tilke the opportunity to come up with a new creation for 2021. “Given the time that we have, we found out that the best option for us is to go directly with Tilke,” Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal told “We need to work very fast and it’s something a street circuit, it’s not like a new project starting from scratch so we wanted to bring someone that has experience both in the street circuit races.”

De Prins has a clear assignment for Tilke: “Our goal is to make it an exciting and thrilling race. We don’t want it to be one of those boring races where there is no overtaking. We host Formula 1 because we want to bring the excitement. I can tell you it’s not going to be a slow race. Our goal is to make it exciting, thrilling with a lot of overtaking. We like seeing the event in Monaco, it’s a lovely event, but in terms of racing, there’s no overtaking, it’s not that exciting."

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