Verstappen drives without neck support: "I'd rather have my head fall off"

12-11-2020 16:13 | Updated: 12-11-2020 16:29
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Verstappen drives without neck support: I'd rather have my head fall off

Formula 1 is back in Istanbul Park and that is accompanied by neck pain. Turn eight will be the big test for the neck muscles of the F1 drivers. During the last race, the drivers there had to endure up to 5G. Verstappen, however, is not thinking of using padding in his cockpit.

Because of the high G-forces, most drivers opt for extra neck support in the cockpit. Verstappen, however, doesn't. The Dutchman remembers from the old F1 games how cool he always found the circuit: "Especially turn eight, which is full throttle anyway, you have the G-forces on your body for so long and that's very cool," quotes the Dutchman.

Jos Verstappen laughed at Max

Therefore, although the G-forces will be high and although they will be felt for a long time, Verstappen does not opt for neck support. The Dutchman explains: "I remember the first F3 test I took. After one day I couldn't hold my neck straight anymore and I had to add the padding. My father laughed at me because I used it."

"Since that day, I refuse to use padding," continues the Red Bull driver. "I'd rather have my head fall off than race with support! So this weekend too!" At the press conference next to the Dutchman sat teammate Alexander Albon who won't opt for the same approach this weekend:

"I'd rather my head doesn't fall off."

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