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'Turkey and Portugal are still contenders for Vietnam's place in 2021'

'Turkey and Portugal are still contenders for Vietnam's place in 2021'

11-11-2020 06:56 Last update: 09:14


The Formula 1 calendar for 2021 was presented on Tuesday, but there is still one gap left after the Vietnamese Grand Prix was cancelled. Joe Saward thinks he knows which two Grands Prix are eligible for this.

With 23 races from March to December 2021 is a very busy year for Formula 1. However, there is still one gap in the calendar. From 23-25 April, the race was due to take place in Hanoi, but that party cannot go on. As a stand-alone race, any circuit can fill this gap on the calendar.

Turkey or Portugal in 2021

"Formula 1 hopes to find another promoter willing to pay for a race and my suggestion is that Turkey or Portugal can find the money," says Formula 1 expert, Saward, on his own website. According to Saward, some other candidates will drop out very soon.

"There is no question of a German race, despite the success of Mercedes. The Hockenheimring and Nürburgring simply don't have the money together. The race in Miami does not seem to come either, especially now that the newly elected mayor of Miami is against a race in the city and there is still an indictment against the promoters of that race," concludes the journalist.

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