Pat Fry the key to Renault's progress

09-11-2020 11:14 | Updated: 09-11-2020 13:58
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Pat Fry the key to Renault's progress

Pat Fry, a former engineer at McLaren and Ferrari, has been with the Renault team since the start of this season. Marc Surer believes that the progress of the team is largely due to him.

Renault are now third in the Constructors' Championship, and they have already collected a lot more points than last year. In the last few races in particular, they have done very well, taking two podium finishes with Daniel Ricciardo and even scoring more points than Red Bull Racing at Imola .

Progress at Renault

Surer thinks that this progress is mainly due to the arrival of Pat Fry. "I feel that since he's been here, they've made progress. Maybe because it's someone who knows how to lead people in the right direction," said Surer talking to .

"Maybe it's just a coincidence. But since Pat Fry joined, things have been getting better and better. First they had a car that was only good on fast tracks, but now it's good on other tracks as well. That means someone is working in the right direction.

"Of course there are other people out there who are doing good. But this is remarkable. And if there's a trend for improvement, it means there's a good chance that that trend will continue."

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