This is why McLaren believes that DRS will remain in the sport after 2022

07-11-2020 17:25 | Updated: 07-11-2020 21:43
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This is why McLaren believes that DRS will remain in the sport after 2022

The DRS system has been in use since 2011. It was hoped that with the many changes to the rules in 2022, the DRS could also be abolished, but at McLaren they do not expect the opening rear wing to disappear so quickly.

With the new rules coming into force from 2022, Formula 1 cars will be designed to make overtaking a lot easier. At the moment, drivers often complain that this is difficult because they are quickly bothered by the dirty air coming from the car in front of them. That dirty air makes it more difficult to follow the car in front through the corners, the drivers say. 

Despite all the new rules set to enter the sport in 2022, James Key, McLaren's technical director, does not think we will be saying goodbye to the DRS in 2022. "If all plans work, the DRS will have less influence. It is still necessary because the changes in the rules are about making overtaking easier," he says to RaceFans.

"DRS will help"

According to Key, the success of the new rules will also have to do with how the circuits are designed. "Formula 1 cars travel so fast on a circuit that they can only take advantage of the difference in performance to overtake in a few places on the track. Braking is the most important of these. That's where the DRS will help."

"If you look at a circuit like Spa, for example, there are several places where you can overtake. That also applies to Bahrain. But what the new rules want to achieve is that it will be possible to race closer together on difficult circuits, such as Silverstone or Suzuka. Then you can really race instead of having to wait until you are on a straight track. But the DRS will still be a kind of guarantee that you can actually overtake someone. As it stands now, I do agree with that," concludes Key.

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