Verstappen not expecting miracles: "They may come a closer"

30-10-2020 16:15 | Updated: 30-10-2020 17:10
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Verstappen not expecting miracles: They may come a closer

Max Verstappen is preparing for the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna on the circuit of Imola. The Dutchman last race at the circuit in 2014 with Formula 3, but does not expect to be able to compete for the victory this weekend.

Another third place

In 2020, the picture of Formula 1 is very clear. Mercedes are at the top, with Verstappen just behind. The Dutchman managed to beat the Mercedes duo in the second race at Silverstone, but that turned out to be an one-off. Therefore, Verstappen doesn't have sky-high expectations before this weekend.

"I don't expect the same as at Monza, but it is possible that they (Renault and McLaren) will come a bit closer of course. But yes, in general, if you look over the whole season, it's normally just a third-place for us, without crazy things. That's also where we belong at the moment and you can't change that much," says Verstappen during Red Bull's online press moment.

Verstappen not with his head at Senna

The Grand Prix weekend in Imola is of course also dedicated to Ayrton Senna. The legendary Formula 1 driver was killed on this circuit. Verstappen wasn't born when the Brazilian had his accident in Imola but understands that people pay a lot of attention to this.

''He was, of course, one of the best Formula 1 drivers ever. I've seen the documentary, but when I get here I honestly don't necessarily think about it. I don't think you want to think about that either. You have to remember the beautiful moments and not just this moment'', says Verstappen, who says he is alone with his head at this race weekend.

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