Verstappen in defence: "It is not my intention"

30-10-2020 15:16 | Updated: 30-10-2020 17:04
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Verstappen in defence: It is not my intention

Max Verstappen last raced the Imola circuit during Formula 3 in the 2014 season. With a pole and victory in the third race, Verstappen made a big impression, but what does he expect from this weekend?

In 2020, Verstappen is still in the race for second place in the standings. It will be a concern for the Dutchman, but with his nine podiums in the nine races he managed to finish, Verstappen is pretty consistent this season. However, his Red Bull Racing car is not yet fast enough to beat Mercedes.

Verstappen in defence

"It is not my intention to attack anyone or a group. I'm not saying I chose the right words. That's what drivers are like: at first, we are angry at each other and five minutes later we can get along again. But it's not my intention to offend someone or a group," says Verstappen tells during the press conference about his statements on other drivers.

"We shouldn't make it bigger than it is. I also know that what I said wasn't good, but I can't change that now. Of course, I have learned from it and this will not happen to me again," concludes the Dutchman.

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