Marko points to Tsunoda: Has Albon lost his place in Formula 1?

30-10-2020 13:35 | Updated: 30-10-2020 14:47
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Marko points to Tsunoda: Has Albon lost his place in Formula 1?

Alexander Albon could miss out on F1 entirely after this season. No matter how fast the British-Thai suddenly appeared in Formula 1, he might as well disappear out of it if we are to believe Helmut Marko?

Degradation at Red Bull

Albon is under a lot of pressure at Red Bull this season. The British-Thai can't manage to meet Red Bull's expectations and that means the Red Bull driver feels the pressure from Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez. A striking fact, however, is that a seat at AlphaTauri is no certainty for him.

Where Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat ended up at AlphaTauri after their relegation, Albon has yet to see if this will happen. Gasly's seat has already been confirmed and the arrival of Yuki Tsunoda already seems to be a runaway race. Marko's interview with Auto, Motor und Sport proves this once again.

Albon away from Formula 1?

''I need a strong driver at AlphaTauri to be able to represent that brand, especially if Tsunoda is a newcomer to the car next year. We can't weaken AlphaTauri, especially now that there are so many good drivers on the market. Gasly has got a raise for us and the promise that we will talk again at the end of 2021,'' says the Austrian.

So Marko already seems to assume that Tsunoda will come to AlphaTauri, where there are hints of Hulkenberg or Perez at Red Bull. This would mean that Albon or Tsunoda would have to clear the field and when confirmed. Is Albon's F1 adventure over after two seasons?

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