New era for F1? "That is difficult, keep it as it was"

30-10-2020 09:53 | Updated: 30-10-2020 12:07
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New era for F1? That is difficult, keep it as it was

During the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna this weekend, a two-day format will be tested. No free practice on Friday, but only one free practice on Saturday followed by qualifying. Is this the future for Formula 1?

One-off experiment

Opinions on a two-day Formula 1 weekend are very divided. Many drivers seem to be in favour of the format, but many Formula 1 connoisseurs also see the drawbacks. "Without free practice on Friday, it will be stuffed. You go blind into Saturday. That is difficult. So: keep it as it was," says Giedo van der Garde at He thinks this experiment is a one-off. "It's not for nothing that it's been the same for years and it's a mega-pressure day.”


Jan Lammers, however, takes a completely different view. "It will be groundbreaking. This heralds a new era. I expect this test to show that Friday is not necessary at all. It has to change. I have been saying for years that Formula 1 has to go to a different format.” Robert Doornbos also thinks it is a good thing that the drivers get a little less time on the track. "That always benefits the competition. They are very good at overanalysing data in Formula 1."

Entertainment value

Van der Garde, Lammers and Doornbos do wonder whether the cancellation of Fridays is not at the expense of the entertainment value of Formula 1. "It is more fun for the public. The tickets are a lot cheaper on Fridays and you see a lot of action", Van der Garde believes. The financial impact for the organisers can also be considered as a result. "From a commercial point of view, it is more interesting to fill three days, as long as the organiser can buy enough tickets. Look at Monaco: that event even lasts four days because there is so much enthusiasm for entertainment. So I don't think a shortened weekend is going to work out everywhere", says Doornbos.

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