Formula 1 to put team bosses in the drivers' press conferences this weekend

29-10-2020 20:46 | Updated: 29-10-2020 21:51
Formula 1 to put team bosses in the drivers' press conferences this weekend

Formula 1 are tweaking the normal set-up. Normally there will be two free practice sessions on Friday - weather permitting - and one on Saturday which will be followed by qualifying. On Sunday it's time for the race. In the run-up to such a regular weekend, there will then be a press conference on Thursday and Friday, but that is different now.

Joint press conferences

Because of the modified format of the race weekend, everything starts on Friday and the time on the track has been shortened as well. Only on Saturday and Sunday, the drivers will make their laps with Saturday a free practice session and qualifying, and then on Sunday the race itself of course. As the press conferences for drivers are normally on Thursday and those of the team bosses on Friday in between the free practice sessions, it could just be postponed.

However, Formula 1 doesn't do that, as they are also trying out a new format. Instead of separating the drivers from the team bosses, they are now put together. Per team, of course. This means that tomorrow we will see at Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Toto Wolff, and at Red Bull Racing Max Verstappen, Alexander Albon and Christian Horner.

This is a unique set-up because this has never been done before and they are working in more or less reverse order depending on the manufacturer's position. So Williams starts with Mercedes last. So it is expected that Red Bull Racing will be at the end of the day. The press conference starts at 12 noon and you will be able to read the most important quotes here at

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