Binotto realistic with 2021 expectations

29-10-2020 16:26 | Updated: 29-10-2020 16:41
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Binotto realistic with 2021 expectations

Ferrari seem to have been hit hard by the new regulations on fuel consumption after 2019. While the team convincingly had the fastest car last year for half the season, Sebastian Vettel now has to battle it out for a place in the top ten at best.

Although team boss Mattia Binotto is hopeful that there will be an upward trend in Ferrari's performance in the coming year, the standard set by Mercedes will be virtually unattainable in 2021. The team boss has there all but ruled out chances of a title push next year.

New opportunities with equal resources

"Realistically, that's just not going to happen," Binotto told Sky Italia. "The goal is to compete for the podium more often next year. We can't change a lot about the car and that's why I'm not counting on a huge step."

Binotto cited the new regulations for 2022 as the first opportunity to find the way back to the front. While that may be possible, Ferrari must also take into account that it has lost its financial advantage because of the budget cap.

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