Marko on engine dilemma: ‘This is our deadline’

28-10-2020 16:33 | Updated: 28-10-2020 19:00
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Marko on engine dilemma: ‘This is our deadline’

Despite the fact that there has not yet been a decision regarding freezing engine development for next season, Helmut Marko emphasizes the importance of a timely decision to F1Insider.

The team of Christian Horner and Helmut Marko is still expecting a decision regarding the possible freezing of engine development until 2022, in order to create breathing room for Red Bull to find a new supplier. 

Marko explains that the matter has been discussed on Monday, but resolution has not yet been reached. “It's postponed,” he explains. “But we have to know the decision by November 15th. You can't do it later, that's our deadline.”

Red Bull prefers its own engine

The freezing of development until 2022 will also provide Red Bull with the opportunity to take over Honda’s current developments and become its own engine producer.  “Our preferred variant is to use the engine on our own,” Marko argues. 

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