Ecclestone: 'I helped Vettel with this'

28-10-2020 15:03 | Updated: 28-10-2020 18:55
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Ecclestone: 'I helped Vettel with this'

Future Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel was helped by Bernie Ecclestone in securing his new contract, as we learn from an interview with the former F1 tycoon on

“I put a lot of pressure on team owner Lawrence Stroll to take Sebastian. I told him how good Sebastian is still and that in the end it will be a win for everyone if the deal goes through,” Ecclestone explains. “I think my arguments helped convince him.” 

Not only did Ecclestone help the German driver secure a seat with Aston Martin, the two also regularly keep in touch. Ecclestone: “We talk on the phone a lot. I listen to him and then give him my assessment of things.” 

Vettel still talented

Ecclestone also shines his light on the negative coverage regarding Vettel this season: “Hardly anyone speaks of him positively now. In Formula 1, a driver is still dependent on his car. And his Ferrari doesn't seem to suit him well right now.”

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