Ricciardo understands Verstappen's frustration: 'That's an ungrateful place'

28-10-2020 09:49 | Updated: 28-10-2020 13:38
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Ricciardo understands Verstappen's frustration: 'That's an ungrateful place'

Max Verstappen finished the Portuguese Grand Prix again in a place that was all too familiar to him: P3. An ungrateful place, according to Daniel Ricciardo, who has experienced this himself for many years.

Since 2014, Mercedes has had Formula 1 in its grip and Ricciardo experienced it himself from the front row. Where Red Bull Racing had been dominant until 2013, Ricciardo joined the second team on the grid in 2014. Since then no one has really come close to Mercedes and that is frustrating for the drivers.

Ricciardo understands frustration Verstappen

''That is an ungrateful place of honour. It is difficult to swallow when the weather fails. I experienced it myself at Red Bull. We were always podium candidates and won, but it was never enough. That has been the case for many years for anyone who does not drive at Mercedes. Very tiring," says Ricciardo to NOS.

Ricciardo does praise his former teammate. According to the Australian, Verstappen can't perform much better at the moment than he already does. ''I think Max can be happy and satisfied. He has been driving very well for many years: blood fast and almost faultless. His qualifications are now also flawless. I don't think he could have pulled out any more,'' concludes the Renault driver.

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