FIA proposal for reversed grid voted down!

27-10-2020 17:44 | Updated: 27-10-2020 17:59
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FIA proposal for reversed grid voted down!

During a meeting with the Formula 1 teams on Monday, the idea of testing with a reversed grid was voted down, according to The Race. The FIA had proposed to try out the new format on four events next season.

In the new format there would be a thirty-minute qualifying race, instead of the usual qualifying session. The drivers would start the qualifying race in the reverse order of the championship, after which the finish position of this race would give the starting signal for Sunday's Grand Prix.

Mercedes-teams vote against

The FIA, previously having no support to try out the format this year, hoped to get the necessary majority of votes for 2021. According to the 'super majority' voting system, the FIA needed 28 out of 30 votes. However, the teams with Mercedes engines all voted against, including McLaren, which will be running Mercedes engines in 2021.

The FIA can make another attempt for 2022, but the vote was not taken on Monday. Therefore persevering with the proposal for 2022 has not been ruled out.

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