Norris openly apologises: ''I've been stupid and careless''

27-10-2020 09:35 | Updated: 27-10-2020 11:30
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Norris openly apologises: ''I've been stupid and careless''

Lando Norris has openly apologised on Twitter for what he said this weekend. The Brit was not always very tactful when speaking about his colleagues in Portugal and now seems to be apologising.

After a frustrating Portuguese GP, Norris seemed to take a swipe at both Lance Stroll and Lewis Hamilton. Understandably he was frustrated at the race result, but Norris feels the need to apologise for some of his comments.

Norris makes his apologies

''I owe an apology. I’ve been stupid and careless with some things I’ve said lately in media and interviews, and haven’t shown the respect I should have to certain people. I’m not that kind of person, so know I should apologise to them but also everyone reading/listening. Sorry," said Norris on Twitter.

The Brit said a lot about Lance Stroll and Lewis Hamilton this weekend. That way Stroll wouldn't learn anything from his previous crashes and Hamilton's victory wasn't so difficult as he only had to beat a few drivers. Whether Norris is actually referring to these two statements is still unclear.

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