Norris critical of Stroll following clash

25-10-2020 21:24 | Updated: 25-10-2020 23:34
Norris critical of Stroll following clash

Lando Norris was not Lance Stroll's biggest fan after the Portuguese Grand Prix. The McLaren and Racing Point drivers collided during the Portuguese Grand Prix and Norris has given his thoughts on the incident.

“I don’t know what he was doing, really. He went to the left, I didn’t know where he was, really," said Norris about incident which saw Stroll handed a five-second penalty.

"He went to the left which I was quite surprised by when he could very easily have gone for the inside. And I was easily halfway alongside he just turns in," Norris told

It wasn't the first time Stroll had been watched by the FIA contest management this weekend. On Friday he had to go to the stewards following his clash with Max Verstappen. "He obviously didn’t learn from Friday, but he doesn’t seem to learn with anything he does. It happens a lot with him so I need to make sure I stay away now," Norris concluded.

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