Christian Horner suggests Gasly isn't in line for promotion

25-10-2020 18:23 | Updated: 25-10-2020 23:10
Christian Horner suggests Gasly isn't in line for promotion

Christian Horner does not think that Pierre Gasly is the solution to the problems that Red Bull has with its car. The Red Bull top man suggested Gasly is not in line for another promotion.

"Yeah, Pierre has done a super job today ", he compliments his French pupil on achieving fifth place in the Portuguese Grand Prix. " He's driving very well in That environment with AlphaTauri. He's comfortable in that car with perhaps the less pressure that goes with That environment. Less expectation as well. Their aspirations as a team are different to as it was under Toro Rosso so it makes sense that the fit works well in both directions with Pierre and the AlphaTauri team. "

Could Red Bull go with experience?

Despite the fact that Gasly has performed very well at Alpha Tauri it doesn't appear a return to Red Bull is on the cards. "I think you've got to look at all of the options. I don't think we'd be doing our job if we didn't look at the situation within Formula 1. There are drivers who have got significant experience and ability. That is a very unusual situation that could be available, ”  Red Bull's team boss said. 

Horner continued by saying in an online Red Bull press conference  that their priority is to give Albon the chance to secure himself a seat for 2021. "Let's not forget, when he jumped in the car last year, he outscored and outperformed Pierre significantly in the balance of 2019. If we were to swap them back, why would it be any different? "

"I think the car is a more difficult car to drive than the AlphaTauri. That is clear. The car is much more sensitive and I think that can be unnerving for driving. Max copes with that well, while other drivers have struggled with that. That's the facts with it, if Alex was in the AlphaTauri he would be doing a very similar job to that of Pierre. I have no doubt of that. It's the characteristics of our car, they are struggling to commit on corner entry. You see it with Leclerc and Vettel, you see it with Hamilton and Bottas, that's the way it is sometimes. "

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