Norris expecting challenging race at Portimao

25-10-2020 09:18 | Updated: 25-10-2020 11:31
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Norris expecting challenging race at Portimao

Lando Norris has joked that P8 is his favourite starting position but admitted he was held up by one of the Red Bulls during qualifying for the Portuguese Grand Prix.

"P8 is just my favorite place to start, but of course I would have liked to have done better. That didn't work because of a fault by Max (Verstappen, ed.) Or Alex (Albon, ed.)," Norris told Ziggo Sport, who is not sure which Red Bull Racing driver stopped him in Q3. "At least it was someone from Red Bull ."

"He made the wind a little worse than it already was. In the end he pulled away, but he will probably deny that he was wrong. He was about three seconds in front of me and I just blame him."

Norris admitted that the race is still very unclear, mainly because they are driving on a new circuit. "It will be very difficult. Drivers can quickly make mistakes, zoals a blocking wheel Caused by the wind that's Constantly changing. The track itself will probably get better. It could still rain, so we have to wait and see what that will mean."

When asked whether rain is good for him, he had to hold back. "Well it already feels like I'm driving on the law Currently. Oh I can't say that. The tires felt really good today and it was just tricky," Norris concluded. 

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