Who is to blame? "He did nothing wrong"

23-10-2020 18:23 | Updated: 23-10-2020 21:56
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Who is to blame? He did nothing wrong

Christian Horner reacted in front of the Sky Sports camera to the incident between Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll. He didn't blame either of the drivers and suggested it was a misunderstanding between the two. Sky Sports pundit Johnny Herbert believes that more blame lays with the Dutchman, however.

Stroll did nothing wrong

"Wait a minute, Christian. That's where Verstappen's front wheel and Stroll's rear wheel come together as they go into the corner," Herbert points out in the footage shown at Sky Sports. "I can't see that he (Verstappen) was far enough from the inside. The way I see it, he has a handicap simply because he's in the middle of the track. That makes the turn even worse for him..."

"If you make it to the last second, you get into trouble," Herbert continues. "He (Stroll) did nothing wrong. He's driving on the racing line," the three time Grand Prix winner says. This doesn't matter if there's a misunderstanding, as Stroll drives his line and cuts the corner in the right way.

That is the problem

"As a racing driver, you know that sometimes you end up in a situation where it is better to give up," by which he means Verstappen which could have gone off the gas a little earlier. At the same time, the fast lap of Stroll was already over, but he was going for a second.

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