Haas deliberately sets a new course: Talents with money instead of experience

23-10-2020 10:25 | Updated: 23-10-2020 15:48
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Haas deliberately sets a new course: Talents with money instead of experience

Haas announced on Thursday that Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are to leave at the end of 2020. Lawrence Barretto explains where these sudden changes come from and what the new plans are.

Since entering Formula 1 in 2016, Haas has only used three drivers: Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen and Esteban Gutierrez. After this season, Magnussen and Grosjean, who as a duo have provided stability within the team for four years, now have to make way for young talent.

Away with the experience

Haas is turning the rudder. According to Barretto, Haas wants to go for young talents, who can also provide financial support. Haas is said to have the smallest budget of all teams in Formula 1 and although most of the car is bought, the coronavirus crisis is also hitting the American team very hard.

The Formula1.com journalist reports that Mick Schumacher is the top candidate for Haas' seat. The leader of the Formula 2 championship seemed on his way to Alfa Romeo, but could be of value to Haas with his financial support. Haas can also expect a discount on the Ferrari engine if it takes on a Ferrari junior.

Haas needs money

According to Barretto, the second driver is a lot less certain. Nikita Mazepin is mentioned by most as the second driver, but she still has to get her super license. However, his father's money would be attractive to Haas. Ferrari protégé, Callum Ilott, is also an option for Haas, but he brings less money with him.

In any case, the American team will wait until after the two races in Bahrain, because then it can be said with certainty which F2 talents have obtained a super-licence. In any case, Haas seems to be writing off experienced drivers, which is of course a great risk, but in the short term it will bring more money into Haas' pocket.

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